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Photography & Video

As an artist I've utilized photography as a tool in my design toolbox. I also enjoy shooting nature and have done equine photo shoots, animals, families, seniors, etc. I have got experience shooting product photography for use on websites or in e-commerce stores. Editing and re-touching, photo manipulation, cleaning up photos provided by clients to be utilized for web or print design application, etc. are all skills in which I excel. Tone, mood, composition, energy, feeling... these are what I focus on when shooting photos.





Below are some examples of where I collaborated with another photographer and my role during the shoot was taking some photos, but also acting as art director - setting up shots and working with the subject during the session. The photographer then handed me the disc directly from their camera, and I was responsible for all of the photo re-touching and editing.


I have some video compilation/editing experience working with Adobe Premiere creating promo teasers, intro/outros for musical performances, along with shooting & editing various footage for promos, ads, and music videos. Below are some examples of published work. This is a medium I have not worked in as often, but I enjoy it and am always open to new opportunities.


Domestic Violence

Awareness - Zumbathon Promo

I was hired to create this video promotion for a fundraising Zumbathon to help a local woman who was the victim of a brutal domestic violence attack. The goal was to carry the tone through educational awareness / somber seriousness of this issue, into hope and support - encouraging the community to come be a part of helping this family (and all families) who endure such painful circumstances. 

Zumba Nights - Promo Ad

This video promo was to advertise Zumba nights - under the lights. The challenge for this was of course compiling multiple dances from songs with different tempos into one cohesive song for the promo. It was very important that nothing looked "off the beat" since she's a dancer. The client was very pleased with this result. 

Mannequin Challenge - Tennessee Fitness Spa

The client sent us the video from their guests participating in the popular "mannequin challenge." They had me create the intro/outro and branding, along with adding the music. Also - there was a person who had moved right when the camera was on her - so I had to get creative with a quick stylized fast-forward during her part to hide the mistake, but make it believable since part of this challenge was a one camera shot, no splicing or cuts.

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